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intrigue, romance and scandal about this most mysterious elixir as
well as being advised of the happenings at the Salon.

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A momentous occasion for Absinthesalon!!!

After introducing Absinthesalon to Australia in Surry Hills Sydney
7 years ago we have enjoyed every moment of serving you and
educating you about this enigmatic elixir from La Belle Époque.

Imbibers are still eager for the enchanting experience of
 preparing and sipping their absinthe and now we can offer
this to you at the new avant garde Absinthesalon in Melbourne.

Please welcome Rebecca Lombardo and Vince Marino as the 
owners and licence holders of Absinthesalon Melbourne 
situated in the creative enclave of Fitzroy. 

Rebecca, an interior architect and her husband Vince, a builder
and project manager have worked tirelessly to bring you this
phenomenal homage to absinthe at 78-82 Rose Street.

To experience another dimension visit Absinthesalon Melbourne on 

Wednesday to Friday from 5pm - 11pm
Saturday and Sunday from 4pm - 11pm



Do what thou wilt
shall be the whole of the Law

and the Law in this instance is to obtain the limited edition
Absinthe Brevans Aleister Crowley

An occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, artist, novelist and
all round hedonist, Crowley was also an avid absintheur writing
an essay in 1917 entitlted Absinthe: The Green Goddess, composed
whilst drinking absinthe at the Old Absinthe House in New Orleans.

"It is as if the first diviner of absinthe had been indeed a magician
intent upon a combination of sacred drugs which should
cleanse, fortify and perfume the soul."

Only 418 bottles were distilled in 2011 for this one off limited edition
homage to the "wickedest man in the world" and we do believe
that Absinthesalon is the only place where you can
still purchase this beautiful creation.

Absinthe Brevans Crowley was formulated and distilled by the
infamous team of Markus Lion and Oliver Matter. A good portion
of aged cognac was added to the final distillate before maturing
in the barrel for three and a half years. It was released in 2014
and has been aging in the bottle for a further two years.
A bombastic but beautifully woody and smoky elixir.

Follow this LINK to procure your limited edition
bottle of beastliness while stocks last and receive these
TWO COMPLIMENTARY absinthes spoons.


The third distillation of Reverie ... the 2013 IWSC Silver Medal
Winning absinthe ... and we at Absinthesalon believe it 
is the best one yet ... but we will let you be the judge.

Eugenically selected wormwood seed from the second distillation
Montana stock has been lovingly nurtured and raised as seedlings
and then struck and transplanted to suitable conditions in
 the cool altitudes of southern New South Wales. In so doing
there is little variation from one plant to the other
thus allowing for a consistent high grade crop.

Combining this with the finest anise and fennel as well as other
Australian grown botanicals this distillation is of superior quality.

A truly artisanal Antipodean absinthe made in the
traditional  fashion of La Belle Époque.

To purchase your Reverie go to our online store HERE.

Beautiful absinthe herbs. Clockwise from top:
Hyssop, fennel, green anise, Artemisia absinthium.

Chris Fookes adding green anise to the alembic.

The tasting moment. From left to right:
Philip Moore, Chris Fookes, Suzanne Mohr from
Distillery Botanica and Joop van Heusden from Absinthesalon.


We would like to introduce you to Darran Baker ...
owner, creator and distiller of the distinctively aromatic
and delectable Australian absinthe ... Demoiselle.

The Demoiselle Distillery, it's name reflecting the
abundant damselflies in the area, is located in the
central tablelands of New South Wales and is
Australia's first and only dedicated absinthe distillery.
This unique absinthe features Australian natives Aniseed
Myrtle and Lemon Myrtle alongside the traditional
Artemisia absinthium and Artemisia pontica.
All the ingredients for the Demoiselle range
are grown by Darran entirely in Australia.

Click on the link below to go to Darran's website
and store to find out more information and purchase
his innovative absinthes:

The Smoked, The Oaked, The Verte,
The Amer and The Blanche.


Absinthesalon was one of the first 10 bars to be opened
in Sydney in 2009 after the new small bars bill was passed 
and the only bar to be officially opened by the 
Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP.

Ms Moore stated at the opening, "This small bar is what I had
in mind when I worked to reform the Liquor Act."


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Did you know we won the 2011 TimeOut Sydney Bar Awards
for the Responsible Service of alcohol category?

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