Absinthe is a distilled herbal apéritif of high alcoholic content
which before drinking should always be diluted with cold water.
When the water is added the absinthe louches or changes
colour. It is traditionally imbibed before a meal, however it is
also an exceptionally good digestif after a meal.

The three main herbal ingredients in absinthe are wormwood,
also known as Artemisia absinthium, fennel and green anise.
An Amer absinthe is one higher in wormwood content hence a
more bitter taste profile.

A green absinthe is called a 'verte' and a clear absinthe is
called a 'blanche' for a French absinthe or a 'la bleue' for a Swiss.
The word absinthe comes from the French word for wormwood,
pronounced 'ab-sant' after its botanical name.

Absinthesalon is privileged to offer our absintheurs a selection
of 30 of the finest French and Swiss absinthes available. 

Rest assured that our absinthes are whole herb distilled 
and do not contain artificial
colours, flavours or additives.

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Also available in the Salon and gift shop are our delicious
Boules d'absinthe de Chocolat - liquid centred absinthe truffles.
Partake with moderation ... if you can!

Sweetness accompanies absinthe well so at the Salon we
offer a sweet plate of petite muffins, soft almond biscotti,
cinnamon and chocolate biscuits and sugar pretzels.

Yes ... you have heard correctly ...
we have a 1 drink minimum, 3 drink maximum per person.

If you make it to 2 absinthes but don't feel you can go the
whole distance, then why not try our

Crème d'Absinthe, Bohemian Coffee or Absinthe Beer.

Or perhaps an Absinthe Haze, our version of the
infamous 'Death in the Afternoon'


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